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Encounter with Entities

Aug 26, 1998 09:31 PM
by M K Ramadoss

One more feedback from K Lists

tim: ...As I practice awareness, along with centering prayer (a form of
contemplative prayer), I continue to feel occasional touches, as well as the
presence of some kind of entity (for instance, sitting on my bed or a yoga
mat, I can feel it walking around, depressing the surface as it moves).
Now, I'm not at all interested in a relationship with these entities. Neither
do I wish to obsess about them.  I realize that they are a distraction.  
But should I simply maintain awareness of them?  My sense is that,
when I give them attention, they know it and become more aggressive.
This is a dilemma for me, because if I withhold attention, I'm maintaining
resistance to "what is."

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