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Encounter with entities

Aug 26, 1998 09:25 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Here is another followup:

> >vc: Got to the point where I was frightened to go to sleep, it did!
>merv: Madaam,
> I suspect that what you were doing as directed by the Church of the Divine
> Man was opening you up to this.
> The malevolent spirit had you under control and that is why you could not
> move.

v: actually, I've read of certain phases of sleep in the REM (Rapid Eye
Movement) levels where paralysis is  a normal symptom every night, it's
just being aware of it that's unusual.
> > swear the spirits can & do feel as real as flesh & blood; whether it is
> > a mind trick, or they can come & go - I know not which.
> >    Henceforth, & in conclusion, I - for one - believe you! You need to
> > do conscious exercises to rid yourself of them (unless you like them, in
> > which case maybe you should make friends!).
> > sincerely,
>merv: Awareness will get rid of them......and we should went to be rid of
> There is a large appeal to pride that invites them to enter.  It needs
> looking at.

vc: well - didn't fluff out my pride! Being strongly grounded & centered
in your body & visualizing white light surrounding one's self is a good
protection from whatever disincarnate being or thoughtforms might enter.
   I stopped with the heavy concentration exercises with the CHURCH OF
DIVINE MANS within this period because I was genuinely frightened! These
realities cannot be disputed once one encounters them! And - being too
afraid to go to sleep is NOT *fun*!
   Besides, this was all about 15 years ago now! I prefer to not
inter-mingle with dross discarnate energy drains,and somehow I grew into
THAT reality, keeping my own *personal power* about me at all times!

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