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Encounter with entities

Aug 26, 1998 09:23 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Here is a followup on the the subject from K list.

Mulligan, Tim wrote:
> I sleep well, after I get to sleep.  (Some nights the entities seem to want
> to play; other nights they don't.)  As for my "imagination," it's hardly
> unmanageable.  It's what I'm not imagining that hard to manage.  Am I
> managing to make myself clear?

   I went through a period like that when I was at Portland State
University, a ft student, pt working, & pt studying with THE CHURCH OF
DIVINE MAN there, learning to control my over-abundant intuition. That
would be around 1882-83.
   I remember the added concentrations upon the psychic levels had that
affect on me, where I would be trying to fall asleep, & instead went
into heavy paralysis, simultaneous to my mind spinning akin into a
vortex, & "coming to" in a dream place; but it looked the same, only
there WAS a malevolent spirit there & I was helpless to move my body.
Got to the point where I was frightened to go to sleep, it did!
   Once, during a finals week, I was resting in the afternoon, & the
spinning vortex phenomena beset me; but this time there were spirits all
around my bed, & they were toying with me, lifting *my* spirit out of my
body & putting it back down again. Oh yes, my REAL body was again
paralyzed. I could look down & see this, but I couldn't see them, just
feel their pressure where they held me.
   Awhile later down the road, I was literally raped by an evil spirit,
who was pretending to be my boyfriend at the time (who was gone). I
swear the spirits can & do feel as real as flesh & blood; whether it is
a mind trick, or they can come & go - I know not which.
   Henceforth, & in conclusion, I - for one - believe you! You need to
do conscious exercises to rid yourself of them (unless you like them, in
which case maybe you should make friends!).
*aka valerie C*

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