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Brethern of the Board Battling Brotherhood

Jul 13, 1998 06:37 PM
by Ken Malkin


Take away the veneer of officialdom from the June 22 letter and what is
left to discern. IMO, frightened people trying to avoid the fact that
they are slowly twisting in the wind, by a noose of their own making.
It is now seen as true, desperate people do desperate things.

That these fellow TSA members categorize open statements of their fellow
members as " negative mailings " reinforces any sane persons belief that
something is out of balance at Wheaton.  These  unfortunates are just
afield of seeing that there is a need for change, they just do not get

My first reaction was laughter, my second one was sadness at their
actually signing such a letter.  Of course, the fact that I paid for a
portion of it did not seem appropriate, but...

As always, my peace profound,
Ken Malkin

P.S. Has anyone posted their comments to this letter on Theos-talk?

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