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the board has a long nose

Jul 13, 1998 11:59 AM
by Drpsionic

Greetings all,

I wonder how many people on this list got the letter from the TSA Board dated
6/22.  We got a copy today, postmarked 7/10, and this is the day the proxies
are due, so there is an obvious suspicion that the mailing was selective and
not all members of the TSA received a copy.

I'll admit I've tried really hard to see both sides in this mess as having
some honesty and maybe even just misunderstanding each other, but this piece
of claptrap from the Board of Directors makes that position very difficult to

On the other hand, it was very nice of them to send us witness samples of all
the Board members so we can set up our machines and find out what's really
going on in their minds,  to which Gerda adds, assuming they have minds.

Chuck Cosimano

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