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Moryas prototypes

Jun 07, 1998 05:48 AM
by K. Zaitzev

     Hi Paul.

>   Hi, mr. Johnson!
p> Call me Paul.

 OK. "K" before "Paul" has misleaded me, I thought that it's
an abbreviation of the first name which is unknown to me.

> you really insist that Morya and maharaja of Kashmir are the same person?
p> A.) No

p> But Ranbir Singh,  Maharaja of Kashmir,  is the prototype who receives
p> the most attention, and corresponds to more tales about Morya than any
p> other historical figure with whom HPB was associated.

  If there was any "prototype", especially several of them, but not a
full match, consequently Morya was imaginary person invented by HPB.

p> I would not say that "Morya" and Ranbir Singh are the
p> same person, because "Morya" is a literary character.

So why can't we regard your books as "anti-HPB"?
If she described Morya in her books, it would be "literary character",
but when she presents the letters & phenomena as coming from Morya,
it isn't a liteature, it's a humbug.

p> Rather, I'd say that Morya is based primarily on Ranbir, with
p> other elements from other historical acquaintances of HPB, and
  HPB herself describes maharaja of Kashmir. Maybe she mispresented
him, I don't know, but anyway she doesn't pay to him much respect.
M. was critical to English occupants, maharaja servilly presents
nezzur to the vice-king. And got from him the expensive presents.
He was a very rich man and his elephant was stacked with diamonds.
Masters even haven't enough paper in their home and use the reverse
side of someone's last will. Morya is against caste prejudices,
and like other adepts has a full control of his body. Maharaja
took a purgative which his doctor gave him, and being unable to
visit a toilet at the railway station, what would be a defilement
from him, has to leave the procession in a hurry. Anyway, maharaja
of Kashmir is a comical "literary character" in HPB's eyes.

It would be much better to select the maharaja of Puttiala for M's
prototype - at least it was even more funny :)

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