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Arhat and saint hoods

Apr 05, 1998 11:00 PM
by Thoa Tran

Head Fiend:
>Hats, as you  should know, are available only from the supplier named
>>As for the leather goods, I am getting my goods direct from Uncle Chuckie's
>>Underworld Blackmarket.  Thank you for your help.

(fine-tuning forks in the colander helmet)
"Tran"smitting, "tran"smitting...

>The price for Saint Alan (to be sent to layperson Alan) is a mere $50 in
>used bills.  You may, if you wish, once your charter has been sent, style
>yourself   "Saint Alan of Thoa" or "Saint Alan of Tran"  Thus you will
>be "tran"sformed (sorry).

50 bucks! 8oO  I thought it was cheap!  How about 50 cents?

Thoa :o)

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