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Beatrice Woods dies

Apr 06, 1998 10:18 AM
by Drpsionic

This just appeared on Zee-list.

>Date: 98-04-06 12:21:15 EDT
>Subject: Beatrice Woods Dies

Recently Beatrice Wood died in Ojai at the ripe old age of 104 years 
old.  She was very active as an artist.  And in fact recently, her works 
were featured in the Santa Barbara Museum of Art.

Beatrice Wood was a beautiful wonderful person with a magical persona of 
great import.  She had romantic affairs with likes of Dali and many 
famous artists of the period.  Perhaps, her most revealing multi-media 
cassette explored a whore house in Europe.  In it she mirrors many 
aspects of her life experience.

For it is ever the game...the gentlemen who for no reason leaves his 
prized maiden to explore the house of irrepute.  Actually, Beatrice 
describes the house in a wonderful erotic filled way.

She was totally into free-love.  Even at 104 she invoked a sense of 
mystery and erotic energy.

Beatrice was a first class initiate of art and magick.  Although her 
magical thematic strand was verbal and artistic; she had a enchanting 
power which was incredible.  I remember her studio; the power the 
strength of its energy.  And this tender, brilliant old lady working her 
crude materials to make these artistic however crude looking pottery.

Yes, We have lost Burroughs, and now Beatrice.

May we all learn from their to live better and more 
completely in the ever destructive world of present day civilization.

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