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Re: Theos-World greetings

Apr 05, 1998 08:08 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Good suggestion. However, it is almost impossible to find Wood's book - "Is
This Theosophy?". Has anyone found a source of supply? May be it is time to
convert it into a pdf file and make it available on the net. It would be a
breakthrough possible only because of the net. BTW, does anyone have a copy
in any electronic medium? 


PS: The two books are a required reading for anyone interested in Theosophy
and Theosophical History. The book by distasteful, is extremely well
documented and recently I had to verify a fact described in it and was
found that a living person was able to corroborate and confirm the accuracy
from personal knowledge. Also to this date I have not seen a single comment
on either book disputing anything in them. The books stand on their own and
anyone who has not read them should do so ASAP.

At 04:24 PM 4/4/1998 -0500, Ken Malkin wrote:
>Howdy Jeffrey,
>Glad you are aboard.
>In an effort to round out your TS interests, you may wish to add to your
>"Is This Theosphy" by Wood and "The Elder Brother" by Tillet. Further,
Cohorts may indeed
>be an apt name. I think not though for for the Masters who vivified HPB's
>She exhorted her readers and those who to seek a spiritual direction to
effort the
>development of one's intuition and discernment. I agree with that and the
ancient addage;
>those that know, do not say, those that say, do not know.
>I look forward to reading of your interests.
>Ken Malkin
>Jeffrey Michael Hoover wrote:
>> Greetings,
>>         Please let me introduce myself.  I am glad you-all have a since
of humor as I
>> didn't realize I could send a "test message" without being officially
>> up!  Thanks for your return "test messages" sent in Loving kindness!!
>>         I have studied Theosophy for five years or so and find it quite
>> I am 34 and have worked in computing technologies for over ten years.  I
have a
>> BS in business from Kansas University with a specialization in
>> application design, programming and instruction.  I have spent two years on
>> sabbatical doing matras (or decrees) and studying under the current GWB
>> Messenger.  I understand the PROCESS of becoming Love in Action much better
>> than the massive amount of wonderful teachings on Wisdom Religions that
HPB and
>> her many cohorts like you have since amassed.
>>         The current Messenger has made several comments for those
studying under her
>> to go back and study Leadbeater's books and general Theosophy to gain a
>> understanding of the Wisdom Religions and the process of initiation
under the
>> Master's tutelage.  I look forward to learning from your great wealth.
>>                       Sincerely,
>>                       Jeffrey Michael Hoover
>>                       11027 W. 108th Terrace
>>                       Shawnee Mission, KS   66210-3204
>>                       (913) 338-3003
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