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Aries; Easter, Passover & Spring

Apr 11, 1998 05:47 AM
by jim meier

The full moon of Aries occurs today at 6:24pm Eastern, 10:24pm GMT.

This is a sacred time for followers of Islam, Judaism and Christianity.  It
is a time recalling sacrifice; the lamb of Abraham, the lamb of Passover
and, for Christians, the sacrifice of the Lamb of God.

All three recount Man's option to obey God's Will, to become active
participants in a spiritual event and not merely spectators or recipients
of Divine blessings.  Christians are apt to emphasize Christ's time upon
the cross, but the real significance came at the Garden, in the decision to
follow "not my Will but Thine, O Lord."  What Theosophists term the 4th
initiation (and Christians the Crucifixion) is termed "renunciation" in the
East, and the complete acceptance of Divine Will marks the highest point
possible for human consciousness.  The next step along the Path is the
Ascension, and we do not know what that means any more than Christ's
disciples could follow Him to "the Father's House."

Aries marks the beginning of the spiritual year.  It is a fire sign,
masculine, traditionally associated with Mars and rules the head.  All
beginnings start on the mental plane, from our individual thoughts
preceeding our words and actions to Divine thought preceeding the Word and
the manifest universe.  In Aries, Hercules begins the 12-fold tests of
discipleship and his first labor was the capture of the man-eating horses
of war, raised by Diomedes the son of Mars -- symbolic of the unruly
thoughts which the beginning aspirant must learn to control.

It is Spring!  A new cycle begins for all of us and each of us.  The full
moon of Aries occurs today at 6:24pm EDT (10:24pm GMT).  A group meditation
will be held then with the theme of "Letting in the Light," and all are
invited to participate.

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