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Re: K Paul Johnson on HPB, her Alleged Use of Hashish, etc.

Apr 10, 1998 09:01 PM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 98-04-10 23:26:15 EDT, you write:

>Are they true or false?  And how can one determine
>their reliability/unreliability?

And do they matter?  After all, we are not idiot Victorians and the truth or
falsehood of Blavatsky's ideas bear no relation at all to her personal habits.

If what Blavatsky wrote was true, then it does not matter if she smoked opium
while standing on her head buck naked singing Hava Nagila.

If what she said was false, all the Victorian propriety in the world would not
make it true.

Chuck the Heretic

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