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Re: TS & ES

Apr 11, 1998 09:16 AM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 98-04-11 00:09:28 EDT, you write:

> So, as I see the whole position, there is nothing for the E.S. to "give
>up", because it has no "powers", no "privileges" and no "status" within the
>Society, except the consideration that may be given voluntarily by the T.S.
>members in the form of certain facilities for the E.S. work, knowing the
>general character of that body. If it did have any "power", privilege" or
>"position", I would be the first to propose that it should give up all that
>completely, without any reservation.

Who out here would like a good deal on a used bridge?

Chuck the Heretic

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