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Algeo's and Bruce's Response

Apr 25, 1998 07:00 PM
by M K Ramadoss

I gave some thoughts about Algeo's and Bruce's responses to ACT.

I noticed some very interesting facts. We have not heard from any of the
officers. Nor have I seen any "testimonial" from any of the past National

Here on the Internet, I have not seen any messages today from any of the
supporters of Algeo and/or Wheaton Leadership. Why is everyone silent? Have
they forgotten the Golden Stairs? If any of the items discussed in the
newsletter or on the Internet is inaccurate or erroneous, people should
come to the defense, at least in my humble opinion. 

Since all we have read are just symptoms of some deep and perhaps serious
underlying problems, we need to look into the causes behind them and once
these are identified and understood, then solutions would be obvious.

According some of the members, most of them very long time ones, the
situation is quite serious and if not satisfactorily and creatively
approached and quickly resolved, we may face a make or break situation for
TSA as we go into the next millenium.

It may not be even too late to seek the help of experience of Adyar in
dealing with hot situations in the past around the world. This may require
some swallowing of egos and pride which can be very difficult, especially
for leaders.

My 0.02.


PS: If Wheaton administration is not subscribed to these lists, then it is
to their advantage to do so (due to the velocity and volume of feedback,),
however much e-mail is personally not liked by John Algeo and others at
Wheaton because it is not a medium that can be controlled or censored like
other print medium they are used to for the past 100 years from the time of
Blavatsky, Besant, etc.  

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