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THEOS-L digest 1507

Apr 25, 1998 06:42 PM
by Thoa Tran

>This posting is in reference to posts that may or may not have been on
>Theos-l. I like many other Theosophists subscribe to numerous different
>Theos mailing lists and I'm losing track of the threads of discussion due
>to the cross postings. Why don't we just have one big Theosophy newsgroup
>and forget about Theos-Talk , Theos-World, TI-L, Theos-l etc.

Can you see which list the posts came from in your e-mail?  That would
organize a few things for you.  To expect the lists to combine would be
like expecting all theosophists to unite under one institution.
Impossible.  Nothing causes more argument than over things we don't know.
Besides, theosophists are on the whole very intelligent people with egos to
match their intelligence.  Can you see that as a recipe for dissension?

><snip>I have only been on the path for a few
>years now but have learnt, read, assimilated and understood that we must
>take very seriously the use of entheogens and that the most important issue
>facing the world today all revolves the legality and usage of drugs. I
>beleive that if the world could fix this problem and have open discourse
>and education about the usage of psychadelic drugs all other problems would
>slowly fade away as people become illumined.

I have to admit, I am biased toward non-usage of drugs.  I saw too much
suffering due to the usage of drugs.  Perhaps free market and education
will change things.  I doubt it.  If we have a free market, will we be
effective in educating the public?  If the "Just Say No" campaign is not
effective at making people stop using drugs, do you think a "Use Drugs
Wisely" campaign is going to work at making people use drugs wisely and
spiritually?  If you do not post a speed limit on the highway, I bet that
people are going to go as fast as their car will allow and that accident
rates will go up.  Gun lobbyists say "Guns Don't Kill People, People Kill
People."  Well, a gun is an instrument of destruction, isn't it?  I
wouldn't condemn you or anyone for using drugs.  My heart also goes out to
people whose lives are being ruined, or have been ruined by drugs.
However, I would be against removing the laws.

>If anybody is SERIOUS about looking into this and doesn't just accept
>government propaganda <snip>

I haven't looked at all the information you offered.  However, from what
I've seen, it is as much propaganda as anything else.  In one of your
previous post regarding about government propaganda, etc., you sounded like
you were repeating what the pro-psychedelics people were saying.

>Also another thought in passing - Is there a Theosopy channel on IRC? If
>not would anybody be willing to attend a channel If I were to set it up. We
>could have a couple of set times a week so people are on together.

As Doss said, Eldon had set up something like that.  I did not go for it
because I had something like the buddy system on AOL and every time I log
on to check my e-mail, someone would want to have a conversation with me.
Sometimes I'm in a hurry, and I find it annoying.  However, Eldon never
mentioned anything about a set time.  Now, I could go for a set time where
we can have a chat session.  That way, I'm prepared to chat and not caught
in the middle of rushing to do something else.

>One last item: I received my TS introductory letters last week and was told
>openly about the ES and how to join. This seems incongruous with some of
>the info bandied around on the ACT group.

I don't know the reality of what's been going on with TS, ES, etc.
However, I believe that the theosophists on this list are telling the truth
based on their viewpoint.  I've heard many complaints, and they all seemed
to be valid.  Until more Es'ers join the list and give another viewpoint,
this is all I have to go on.

>check out: htttp://

Will do.

>The Mighty NOS
>Darren Porter
>Ellis D.


Jesse No
Thoa Tran :o)

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