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Re: THEOS-L digest 1507

Apr 25, 1998 01:22 AM
by Darren

To all fellow Theosophists,

This posting is in reference to posts that may or may not have been on
Theos-l. I like many other Theosophists subscribe to numerous different
Theos mailing lists and I'm losing track of the threads of discussion due
to the cross postings. Why don't we just have one big Theosophy newsgroup
and forget about Theos-Talk , Theos-World, TI-L, Theos-l etc. 

I tried to start a serious debate recently regarding the use of Psychadelic
Drugs and the TS stance towards them. It soon degenerated into an argument
over whether HPB smoked Hash or not. I have only been on the path for a few
years now but have learnt, read, assimilated and understood that we must
take very seriously the use of entheogens and that the most important issue
facing the world today all revolves the legality and usage of drugs. I
beleive that if the world could fix this problem and have open discourse
and education about the usage of psychadelic drugs all other problems would
slowly fade away as people become illumined.

If anybody is SERIOUS about looking into this and doesn't just accept
government propaganda then I urge them to look into the following books:
PIHKAL (Phenethylamines I Have Known and Loved), By Alexender and Ann
Shulgin. And the Sequel TIHKAL (tryptamines I have....)
Strange Fruit, Clark Heinrich
Food of the Gods, True Hallucinations, The Invisible Landscape or any other
books by Terrence McKenna
Psychadelic Experience, Timothy Leary

If anyone is so naive to think that the induced drug state has any less
many merit than the meditative then these books will be food for thought.

Also another thought in passing - Is there a Theosopy channel on IRC? If
not would anybody be willing to attend a channel If I were to set it up. We
could have a couple of set times a week so people are on together. 

One last item: I received my TS introductory letters last week and was told
openly about the ES and how to join. This seems incongruous with some of
the info bandied around on the ACT group.

check out: htttp://


The Mighty NOS 
Darren Porter
Ellis D.

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