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John Algeo's Letter

Apr 24, 1998 08:23 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Finally I received a copy of John Algeo's letter, which Ken Malkin referred
to in his msg. It is a 8 page letter; top 1/3 of the first page is John's
letter and rest of them are 9 letters/testimonials/responses in support of
John Algeo. 

The writers are:

1. Jeff Gresko, Assistant to the National President, TSA, Wheaton.
   (He is the administrative assistant to John Algeo)
2. Nancy Secrest, Assistant Treasurer, TSA, Wheaton.
3. Fred H Ayres
4. Augie Hirt
5. Daniel Ross Chandler
6. John Dickerman
7. Judy Stransky Hopper
8. Bonnie Price
9. Ed Sloan

Some of them have explicitly indicated they are from Chicago area and it
appears all of them are from Chicago area.

As for (1) and (2) above, what else do you expect other than supporting
John Algeo. Keeping their jobs at Olcott depends on their being in the good
books of John Algeo or else will be on the streets at Algeo's whim.

These responses remind me of another instance long time ago. During Annie
Besant's time, when B P Wadia resigned from Adyar (TS) and went to work
with ULT, he issued a long statement setting out the reasons why he decided
to part company of TS Adyar headed by Annie Besant. 

Instead of Annie Besant responding to it, a response was issued under the
signature of Krishnamurti and Nityananda, both of whom did not hold any
office in TS. Probably it was written and or edited by Annie Besant before
sent out under the signature of Krishnamurti and Nityananda.  (Anyone who
has not seen Wadia's statement, may want to read it. It is very interesting
and educative.)


JOHN ALGEO'S LETTER: (Did not have a date)

Dear Fellow Member:

A group calling itself the "Association of Concerned Theosophists" has
recently circulated a newsletter, using addresses obtained irregularly.
Because very many, though not all, members have received this mailing,
several good friends of the Society have urged a response and have offered
to pay all expenses for it. This letter and its enclosures are consequently
sent at no expense to the Society. Moreover, since I am the principal
target of the criticisms in the newsletter, it is inappropriate for me to
reply directly. I enclose instead copies of some letters sent to me as a
result of that publication, which present different views of the matters in

The "Activist" mailing is, I believe the first salvo in a campaign to elect
a completely different set of officers for the Theosophical Society in
America and thereby change radically the direction that the American
Section has had for the past century and more. We have, of course, changed
during that long period, and changed quite a lot, but not in dedication to
the ideals of H. P. Blavatsky, Annie Besant, and others in the Adyar
tradition of our Society. I hope that those who are looking for change will
consider carefully what direction that change should be in. Honest and open
discussion is healthy, but it should also be accurate, fair, and courteous.

I urge your thoughtful response and your support for the integrity of the
Society and the ideals of Theosophy.

Cordially and fraternally,

John Algeo, National President

----------------- Unsolicited letters follow -------------------------

==================end ==============================================  

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