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Re: THEOS-L digest 1507

Apr 25, 1998 05:21 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Your points are well taken. On any issue there are always people who off on
a tangent and does not keep their focus on the issue of interest. As for
the IRC channel, it is a good idea. I believe Eldon Tucker had setup one
some time ago (I may be wrong, as I am quoting from memory).


At 03:56 AM 4/25/1998 -0400, you wrote:
>To all fellow Theosophists,
>This posting is in reference to posts that may or may not have been on
>Theos-l. I like many other Theosophists subscribe to numerous different
>Theos mailing lists and I'm losing track of the threads of discussion due
>to the cross postings. Why don't we just have one big Theosophy newsgroup
>and forget about Theos-Talk , Theos-World, TI-L, Theos-l etc. 
>I tried to start a serious debate recently regarding the use of Psychadelic
>Drugs and the TS stance towards them. It soon degenerated into an argument
>over whether HPB smoked Hash or not. I have only been on the path for a few
>years now but have learnt, read, assimilated and understood that we must
>take very seriously the use of entheogens and that the most important issue
>facing the world today all revolves the legality and usage of drugs. I
>beleive that if the world could fix this problem and have open discourse
>and education about the usage of psychadelic drugs all other problems would
>slowly fade away as people become illumined.
>If anybody is SERIOUS about looking into this and doesn't just accept
>government propaganda then I urge them to look into the following books:
>PIHKAL (Phenethylamines I Have Known and Loved), By Alexender and Ann
>Shulgin. And the Sequel TIHKAL (tryptamines I have....)
>Strange Fruit, Clark Heinrich
>Food of the Gods, True Hallucinations, The Invisible Landscape or any other
>books by Terrence McKenna
>Psychadelic Experience, Timothy Leary
>If anyone is so naive to think that the induced drug state has any less
>many merit than the meditative then these books will be food for thought.
>Also another thought in passing - Is there a Theosopy channel on IRC? If
>not would anybody be willing to attend a channel If I were to set it up. We
>could have a couple of set times a week so people are on together. 
>One last item: I received my TS introductory letters last week and was told
>openly about the ES and how to join. This seems incongruous with some of
>the info bandied around on the ACT group.
>check out: htttp://
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