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Use of Drugs and the free market

Apr 28, 1998 10:43 AM
by Thoa Tran

The Heretic:
>Sounds like a good idea to me.
>My father used to define a law as a scrap of paper  that was:
>Proposed by idiots
>Passed by crooks
>Enforced by thugs
>Obeyed by wimps.

Your building didn't fall on you
If you rent, your place is kept in relatively good condition
You didn't have to deal with drivers doing totally unexpected things on the
road (not too much, anyway)
Your food is relatively safe, your medication has been tested
Your neighborhood is clean (I think)
People aren't walking into your house whenever they want to
People aren't taking your stuff whenever they want to
Airplanes aren't landing in your backyard
If a crime is happening in your home, see how quickly you'll call one of
those "thugs."
Your doctor or dentist has to be regulated.
Etc., etc.

If you're enjoying any of those, you're enjoying the benefits of laws and

Thoa :o)

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