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Re: Use of Drugs and the free market

Apr 28, 1998 12:56 PM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 98-04-28 14:30:34 EDT, you write:

>If you're enjoying any of those, you're enjoying the benefits of laws and
>Thoa :o)

None of those things is worth the loss of one iota of freedom.

My home doesn't fall down because I own it and maintain it.

If someone tries to rob or injure me, I simply shoot him and dump the body in
the dearest river.

All law is is organized force.  A group of scumbags buy enough votes to get
elected and then think they can tell everyone else how to live because they
have had, up to now, a monopoly on the use of force.  But, suppose that
monopoly ceases to exist?  Suppose law becomes impossible because enforcement
becomes suicidal?

Stick around!  The fun is just beginning!

Chuck the Heretic

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