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Re: Animals/Neo-humanism

Mar 10, 1998 05:55 AM
by Jaqtarin Triele feels good to be back in discussion. :)

With regard to the "Animals" thread, Mark's explanation seems to make
sense when looked at in terms of "orthodox Theosophy."  It even
appears to make sense in day to day observations of reality.  However,
I still am not quite clear on how we have "reincarnated" from raw
material.  The reason for this, I believe, is that I don't quite have
the whole globe/round/race thing down yet.  Perhaps someone could
enlighten me?

And despite the fact that the Neo-Humanism post sounded like a sales
pitch, (and I don't mean to be rude or condescending, but that is how
it came across), it made me think about a few things.  I thought, "Oh,
wouldn't it be just wonderful if we could deny our basic instincts,
needs, and desires and just love absolutely everything."  Then
something hit me.  Reality.  Whether I want to believe it or not, my
life is controlled by many outside forces, one of the major ones being
financial stability.  In today's world, if you don't have enough
money, (enough being the amount necessary to purchase shelter and
nourishment for yourself, and if you have a family, them too) you will
not live for very long.  Also, I utilize many different materials
daily in my quest to live.  If I loved everything I used or destroyed,
I would probably kill myself out of depression and spend most of my
waking life in mourning (no pun intended).  If it is true that I have
evolved from the sub-atomic world and that I embrace and am enmeshed
in the same cosmic energy/entity that it is, then I believe that,
spiritually and physically, I'm pretty much doing what I am supposed
to do.  As a sub-atomic particle I fed off of some unknown (to me,
anyhow) energy to keep myself in motion and therefore retain my
existence.  As a stone, I pretty much acted, unconsciously perhaps, as
part of an atmospheric or ecological enforcer of sorts.  As a plant, I
fed from the sun and the water and, in return, gave off gases and
other chemicals that helped to balance my environment.  I also, most
likely, was ready to give my life to another being as nourishment.  If
I was conscious and sentient, I probably knew what my purpose was, and
served it willingly.  As an animal, I most likely had no regard for
the plants I walked on and ate.  I probably had less regard than I do
now for my own family/kingdom/species.  I ate, I crapped, I slept, and
I socialized.  Depending on what I was, I probably kept one group of
animals or plants from overpopulating themselves.  I probably ended my
life providing food for something else.  Perhaps even a human.  As a
human, yes, I do care for the things I see around me.  Not all the
time, as I should, but for the most part, I have compassion.  As far
as inanimate objects are concerned, I don't really think about them
too much.  A stone is a stone is a stone.  Perhaps if I ever get the
chance to talk to or listen to one of them, my views will change.  But
by then, I have the feeling I'll be a little nutty.  I agree that we
should love everything around us, but as far as resources go, we can't
let that love inhibit our progression as a species.  That sounds
awful, but its true.  If we had deep feelings for everything we ate,
chopped down, or mortared...we'd most likely die off a depressed and
angry species.

I guess I'll end there.  I think I had more to say, but I have hereby
lost my train of thought.

The Carrot (yeah yeah...bow down to the carrot.  Love me for I am the
replenesher of the Hairless Purple Bunny.  Eat me and know that I have
given my life to you just so you could see your thankless face every
morning.  Watch me me multiply...someday...I
say...SOMEDAY...we will rule the world with the HPB's at our side.
And you will watch with horror as our numbers go forth across your
land.  Your pitiful stone structures will be confiscated by the Great
Bopp and our magnificent greenhouses will stand in their place.  And
finally, we will take your children and make them all BOTANISTS.)
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