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Re: THEOS-L digest 1459

Mar 12, 1998 05:46 AM
by dlb3600

	As a new member of theos-l, I thought it would be pertinent to
explain my reasons for joining, as I doubt anyone here knows me
personally.  I have made it my life long quest to understand the nature of
the human soul (in its complexity), and I thought that theosophical
scholars might be able to assist me in that study.  I have attained some
information from personal experience and research, but I doubt that the
resources available to me will be able to assist me in the near future (as
I have basically read everything which I think contains information
pertaining to the subject I'm studying)  Sadly, my resources do not
include many theosophical documents, and I have had to rely on the
internet for the majority of knowledge from various theosophical societies
and documents.  Even then, I don't think I understand it all.  What is
"Theosophy", and how can it be defined in terms of the human soul?  What
is the soul, according to theosophy?  I hope you will assist me in
answering these questions.  The responses may be personally sent to me.  I
do not fully understand theosophical vocabularies, so please answer in a
way that I can understand.  Thank you.

Daniel Bates

Purity, Love, Truth, Divinity

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