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RE: THEOS-L digest 1459

Mar 15, 1998 05:42 AM
by Dieter Dambiec

On Thursday, March 12, 1998 12:57 PM, []
> Our human lives depend on destroying other creatures to
> nourish ourselves.  It is one of the evils we have to cope with.

Not at all, we have ample scope to choose lower life forms for food.
 Indulgence in unnecessary things is the so-called evil

Historical archeological evidence shows in the main that humans did not eat
much, if any animal foods before the first ice age, and our immediate ancestors
(chimanzees and gorillas) are also vegetarian as is the whole of the ape
kindom, and number of very large animals, eg elephant and giraffe.

>but dwelling too much on necessary
> evils isn't going to help any of us, especially you, in the end.

Sounds like a sale pitch to the effect that forget about practical
implementation of ideals - anyone can do what they like and that is spiritual.
 No thanks.

To the contrary no evil was dealt on, rather what was dealt on was higher
sentiments in the human consciousness.

> Think about this...if the human race died out anytime soon, with all
> of the chemical, biological, nuclear, etc. etc. factories and
> treatment plants, the ecosystem would be destroyed within 5 or 6 years
> (my own uneducated guess).

There is no need to think about it, because it bears no practical significance.
 Human ingenuity despite some persons inclinations to crude expression, has the
ability to solve all problems, and so there is no need to think along the
dieing out manner (it is a type of stagnancy).

No animals.  No plants.  No humans.  But
> hey, the rocks might be happy with the situation, even though acid
> rain would be beating down on them all the time.

They have no nerves, so it wouldn't bother them.  Although they are also
capable of expression because they can expand and contract as per temperature -
so respect them also.

We must destroy and
> kill in order to create and preserve.  It is a vicious cycle that has
> been known of for millenia.  Its not going to change; at least not by
> an act of humanity.

Pessimism at its finest.  Pessimism and cynicism are not the mark of higher
human consciousness or spirituality.  It is this sort of thinking that has made
religion what it is and forced people to pray in steppled buildings because of
lack of courage to move ahead in their individual and social lives towards
creating a human society worthy of the name


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