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regarding online theosophical materials

Mar 12, 1998 08:00 AM
by Eldon B Tucker


There are two Internet sites with a good collection of
online theosophical books and literature. You might
want to take a look at:

and at:

Then if you see something interesting, you could quote
a little and raise some questions on one of the theosophical
mailing lists like theos-l.

Really open-ended questions like "What is Theosophy?" do
deserve an answer, but require a lot of writing and
discussion, and come up frequently enough that they really
should be treated in a FAQ.

-- Eldon


>my resources do not include many theosophical documents, and
>I have had to rely on the internet for the majority of
>knowledge from various theosophical societies and documents. ...
>What is "Theosophy" ...

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