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Re: THEOS-L digest 1467

Mar 17, 1998 02:12 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

March 17th 1998

Dear Estrella and Bart:

I was concerned with the question of "siddhis".  HPB calls them
"attributes of perfection" or phenomenal powers acquired through
holiness by Yogis -- SIDDHAS are defined as saints and sages who have
become almost divine.  They are also a class of Dhyan Chohans.

Even in Hatha Yoga -- physical practices -- there is a posture listed
as siddh-asana.  But it gets no one anything. as no physical or
purely selfish desire ever gets anyone any true "powers."

The logic is plain.  It is given throughout the VOICE OF THE SILENCE.
 Do you have a copy ?  HPB is quite explicit that those "powers" can
never be obtained by anyone for selfish reasons.

The Hatha Yogis ( she gives examples of their powers in ISIS in
several places ) are strictly limited to such powers as come from
physical asceticism.

True Raja Yoga is an asceticism of the mind and a control of the
passions and desires.  curiosity and ambition do not provide any clue
to real powers and those can only be entrusted to those who are

But this will probably be at great variance with some of the
teachings that are popular and current abroad, and which may have
attracted you.  I am saying this bluntly, and HPB Theosophy has
always said this.  It is not dogmatism, nor is it fundamentalism to
state facts.  Theosophy speaks in so many places of these FACTS.

Are we going to be displeased with the laws of mathematics, physics,
chemistry, astronomy, etc... simply because it takes a long time to
acquire an understanding of them ?  Well if that is a barrier and we
want things in a hurry, we simply won't become proficient in them.
And, in occultism, no one can become proficient in true magic (which

Do check me out on this, as I am only summarizing everything that I
have ever read on the subject.

		Best wishes,			Dallas

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| > Virtually all the literature considers siddhi's to be "spiritual
| > ends". They may be useful, but they do not lead to spiritual
growth, at
| > least not directly (check out Blavatsky's cautionary tale, "An
| > Life", located in NIGHTMARE TALES, and also somewhere in the
| > WRITINGS, for an example).
| >
| >     Bart Lidofsky
| AHHHHHH.....I taught you didn'nt understood me,Bart.
| You are right!
| I believe siddhis (Paranormal faculties) are like "cooking recipes"
| esoteric and spiritual books like some theosophy authors write
| them, and sometimes in how they work.For me, is no big deal to
| them, so i see them very easy to get them. The thing is, as i put
in the
| other post, if we are "allowed to do it" speccialy pepole, as my
| who wants to persuade very far away, in that "narrow and golden
| The temptations, thus, are that, the "can i??"
| Estrella
| P.S. I get your point in what you mean in A.C. i think he taught
was the
| correct way. anyway, the route he (In his personal life)
| that truth, was know.

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