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Mar 16, 1998 08:52 PM
by Estrella

> Virtually all the literature considers siddhi's to be "spiritual dead
> ends". They may be useful, but they do not lead to spiritual growth, at
> least not directly (check out Blavatsky's cautionary tale, "An Enchanted
> Life", located in NIGHTMARE TALES, and also somewhere in the COLLECTED
> WRITINGS, for an example).
>     Bart Lidofsky

AHHHHHH.....I taught you didn'nt understood me,Bart.
You are right!
I believe siddhis (Paranormal faculties) are like "cooking recipes" in
esoteric and spiritual books like some theosophy authors write about
them, and sometimes in how they work.For me, is no big deal to develop
them, so i see them very easy to get them. The thing is, as i put in the
other post, if we are "allowed to do it" speccialy pepole, as my friend,
who wants to persuade very far away, in that "narrow and golden path"
The temptations, thus, are that, the "can i??"
P.S. I get your point in what you mean in A.C. i think he taught was the
correct way. anyway, the route he (In his personal life) Demostrated
that truth, was know.

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