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SD Symposium Newsletter

Mar 15, 1998 02:38 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Here is the newsletter I just received. I am posting for info of everyone


Secret Doctrine Symposium III Newsletter

sponsored by

Midwest Federation
100 SE 9th, Suite 902
Topeka, KS  66612

Phone  785-235-2801

March 7, 1998

Greetings S.D. Students!!!

The three exclamations are for the third Secret Doctrine Symposium that is
forthcoming, May 21 to 24 at Oklahoma City.

During the last Christmas Season, we mailed an announcement and a Call for
Papers for the Third Symposium on the Secret Doctrine.  Approximately a
thousand notices were sent out.  The mailing list included all Members of
the Midwest Federation, all TSA Branches and Study Centers, other TS
organizations, and those serious students of the S.D.  The responses were
very encouraging.  Those who responded gave their tentative titles for
their papers.  This was very much appreciated.  And we are very thankful.

Arden Strycker has designed a Web page for some of our hi-tech occult
students.  Here's the access:

The Web is constantly updated, incorporating the latest development of the
forthcoming Symposium. Also, the Web is linked to various theosophical
groups throughout the world.  Global consciousness, her we come.  Oops!
Rather, here we are!

For those into E-mail, kindly see the above letterhead address.

At this writing, here are some of the responses.  The following have
committed to present their papers at the Symposium:

National speakers of TSA Wheaton . . .

Richard Brooks,
"The Meaning of Maya in the Secret Doctrine"
"The Secret Doctrine and Chinese Philosophy"

Anton Lysy,
"The Secret Doctrine and Jungian Thought"
"Neo-Platonism and the Secret Doctrine"

Doss McDavid,
"Hidden Hints in the Secret Doctrine"

Shirley Nicholson (to be read),
"H.P.B. as the Masters Saw Her"  (based on the Secret Doctrine and Mahatma
(still in review)

Other Presenters . . .

Anne Redlich,
"Preparing to Study the Secret Doctrine"

David Reigle,
"Stanzas of Dzyan in the Secret Doctrine"
"Sanskrit Terms in the Secret Doctrine"

Ken Small,
"Tibetan Buddhism and the Secret Doctrine"

Jim Santucci,  TBD

Aryal Sanat, (still in review)
"Transformation: Vital Essence of H.P.B.'s Secret Doctrine"

Greg Jordan Finder,
"H.P.B., Theosophy, the Secret Doctrine: How They Relate to the Rapid
Evolvement of the Collective Human Consciousness in the 20th Century"

Russ Nelson,
"Jesus Christ and the Secret Doctrine"
"Ether, Relativity and the Secret Doctrine"

Also, anticipated papers from . . .

Richard Robb
Reinout Spaink
Steven Patascher
Mark Newbold

Responses from our international friends:

Gorbonos Yuri, Ukraine,
"Theosophical Discipleship in Russia"
"Cosmic and Human Consciousness"

Reinout Spaink, Netherlands,

M. Chon-ton Phan, France,
"The Human Stage"

Rudi Jansma, Netherlands,
"On Theosophy and Science" from the perspective of a biologist

The papers submitted are still being reviewed by the Committee.  We have
adopted the same review criteria as outlined in the first S.D. Symposium.

There will be a play presentation entitled, "A Visit to H.P.B.'s Parlor",
written and directed by Myrliss Hershey, Prof. of Literature, Wichita,
Kansas.  Those who have seen this play are very impressed by its
professional quality.  The unanimous comment was, "It was just like being
there during their time, H.P.B., Col. Olcott, Annie Besant, William Q.
Judge, Countess Constance Wachmeister."  Wait 'till you see their authentic
Victorian fashion.  The actors who could hardly be recognized in their
costumes were all from the Midwest (Oklahoma and Kansas).

Even if you think you can't come, still, you can try to think you just
might make it, even at the last minute.  Never underestimate the power of
thinking positively.

Volunteers are needed:

        * to handle book sales on some tables
        * airport escorts
        * hospitality
        * hosts, hostesses (part time)
        * ushers for guests, TS non-members, newcomers
        * to read papers for those who cannot personally attend
        * Wall posters production on S.D. themes

Sponsorships and Patrons needed:

        * to help in printing
        * mail and mail supplies
        * ads and notices
        * scholarships, sponsorships for those deserving participants and
invited speakers

The place of our meeting is a nice secluded and quiet area with many
convenient facilities.  It used to be a former monastery.  It is within
easy driving distance from Oklahoma City.  The Saint Francis de Sales
Archdiocese Pastoral Center, located at 7501 Northwest Expressway, Oklahoma
City, OK, is a favorite meeting place for various non-profit organizations,
for retreats, meetings for religious clergy, for their nuns and other lay
religious workers.

Detailed information on registration and reservations will be forthcoming
in the next mailing of the Program Announcement.  Your ideas are certainly
welcome.  We try to think of everything.  But it takes everybody to cover
everything.  Ideas do spark other ideas.  Anyone can be a spark.  After all
we are all Sparks of the Divine.  For those who are so electronically
inclined, you may deposit your sparks at this E-mail address:

Or, if you also belong to a TS Branch or Lodge, it can always be of help to
spread the word about this forthcoming S.D. Symposium.

We wish to extend our appreciation and gratitude to all those who have
assisted and encouraged us in this endeavor, especially to:

Gilbert F. Cuadra
Doss McDavid
Anne Redlich
Vonda Urbon

who have already made donations to our sponsorship funds.

We do look forward to seeing you all soon at this Symposium in Oklahoma

Fraternal yours,

Nancy Blott, President
Midwest Federation, TSA

P.S.  Reminder to paper presenters, if you haven't already done so, kindly
submit your biographical sketch along with a synopsis of your Symposium

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