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Re: ACTivist

Mar 26, 1998 07:27 AM
by John R. Crocker

>    I agree that it was far more than "housekeeping". But, as I have said,
it was represented to me (as the secretary of the NYTS bylaws commitee) as
far more than housekeeping, and
>I do not recall the word "housekeeping" used by anybody but its opponents.
Seriously, if you can give me a source, I would appreciate it.

How about the *current* slate of proposed bylaw changes. They are presented
as changes of wording rather than "substance". I showed them to two
attorneys I use for the non-profits I work for ... saying they are not
"substantive" is more than just a slight distortion, its an outright lie.
They are *significantly* substantive, *major* changes - the Wheaton Board of
Directors will, at will, be able to dissolve any Lodge, sieze all of its
assets, and will not even be constrained to use them in the area in which
they were raised.-JRC

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