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Re: ACTivist

Mar 25, 1998 10:32 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Ken Malkin wrote:

> Greetings my friend. It appears once again we are at odds regarding the
> issue of the
> Wheatonists (the management of TSA). With a little research perhaps a
> brave soul on
> the staff at Wheaton, who is not afraid of repercussions, will
> acknowledge the fact of
> mandatory morning meditation.

    Since our information seems to be at odds, I figure it might be a manner of definition. What happens if a staffer at Wheaton refuses to join in on morning meditation, especially
if that reason is backed by a basic belief (some people, myself included, simply don't like group meditation).

> Further, it appears that this ACTivist group is far from the effort on
> one TSA member.

    Thank you for the information. Believe it or not, that makes me feel a lot better. I have seen a lot of damage done by commitees of one pretending to represent a lot more people,
and getting followers that way. The empty spots in the web page seemed to point to a lack of people other than the page owner in the group. I have heard stories, for example, of a
vote taken by a meeting of eight people supposed to represent the opinions of the majority of members of an entire Theosophical Federation. Such things are ridiiculous,
anti-democratic, and anti-Theosophical; don't you agree?

> is a slight fabric that separates the logic of what is allegedly
> "housekeeping" and the fact that a naked power grab
> of financial resources is being perpetrated. A man of your ability will
> surely see through to
> the truth of that fact.

    I agree that it was far more than "housekeeping". But, as I have said, it was represented to me (as the secretary of the NYTS bylaws commitee) as far more than housekeeping, and
I do not recall the word "housekeeping" used by anybody but its opponents. Seriously, if you can give me a source, I would appreciate it.

> P.S. watch for the ES ( and its sister organizations) article coming
> soon to the WP
> and the NL.

    It is 1:30 AM, and I might be getting a little thick...what are the sister organizations of the ES, and what is the WP and the NL?

    Bart Lidofsky

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