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Re: Service and Exhaustion

Mar 26, 1998 04:12 AM
by Murray Stentiford


>I believe in listening to ourselves as to what our needs are.

Yes, indeed. I think we're culturally programmed to ignore most of the
messages from our bodies, on their different planes. There's so much
pressure and distraction, for many of us.

>We should
>realize our needs without feeling that we are being selfish or weak.

If we want to be selfless enough to be of service, we have to be selfish
enough to take good care of ourselves, otherwise we'll be no use to anybody!
Then all  we have to do is avoid the trap of beating ourselves up about it.

> ... It takes fine
>talent to deal with people.  It's a gamble.  Sometimes we choose not to
>gamble and isolate ourselves by opening a good book and listening to
>beautiful music.

Doorway to another, maybe bigger world ... .

It's conflict that is tiring, isn't it? And some people definitely tend to
suck you dry, though I don't put many in that category. That's why pets are
so good for people, especially the elderly, and even on space journeys - the
relationships are so much less complicated and risky, yet there is lots of
scope for plenty of affection, giving and receiving the best each is capable of.

>New Zealand T.S. sounds like a great group.
Some good things are certainly happening there.


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