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Mar 26, 1998 07:14 AM
by John R. Crocker

>    Sorry, let me rephrase: It looks like the work of a single individual
>pretending to be a larger organization.
>    Bart Lidofsky

Sorry ... but it *is* a larger organization. Interesting that you would
simply assume that it is an individual and then even accuse the individual
of wanting to be a "dictator". ACT is a considerable group of Theosophists
from around the country - including some quite prominant names and members
of a lot of the larger branches. It has done significant organizing, raised
a good deal of funds by itself, and over the next few months will not only
be presenting in depth critiques of a lot of the current operations - backed
up with a good deal of the evidence you desire - but will also be working to
field an entire slate of candidates for the next election, a number of
platform points (its that "positive ideas for improvement" that you so
love), and will fund, by itself, the avenues of information dissemination
that will render JA's control of the Quest meaningless.

A *LOT* of people, not just a few individuals, have been complaining about
things for years, and trying to offer alternatives - only to be ignored,
called "whiners", have their "positive ideas" dismissed, or be told its none
of their business. So they did exactly what you keep saying they should -
expended a large amount of energy organizing, developing a clear vision of
how things *should* be - and are now launching a public organization to
serve as a rallying point around which the considerable number of
Theosophists who believe the TS is in *bad* hands can organize.

In the next election, for the first time in a good while, American
Theosophists will be presented with a very clear choice between two very
different perspectives of Theosophy, and the operations of Theosophical
Headquarters. It will be interesting to see whether all those who've been
telling the "whiners" to shut up and do something, all those who have said
they are open to "new ideas" - it will be interesting to see what they do
when presented with something actually being done, and new ideas actually
being presented. Interesting to see what people who have been demanding
"evidence" do when its actually presented.

And the same tactics used up to now simply won't work anymore. I hope you
*do* try to dismiss ACT as a "single individual", hope the Wheaton
Leadership *does* try to ignore it as it has ignored so many individuals
over the years.

The next year will be very lively in American Theosophy. -JRC

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