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Re: Bylaws

Mar 27, 1998 07:50 AM
by M K Ramadoss

>JRC wrote:
>> >      My wife reads our copy of Quest, and then files it away somewhere so
>> I
>> >don't get to see it (or even find out it has arrived). In what issue are
>> these
>> >bylaw changes given? The New York Lodge's bylaws VERY specifically state
>> that
>> >assetts have to remain in New York if the Lodge is dissolved. Also, you
>> >recall that I have been lobbying to make it harder for National to
>> a
>> >Lodge; if they have made it easier, then I will protest most vigorously.
>> >    Bart Lidofsky
>> Its in the latest Quest (I just got it a week or two ago). Read it
>> *carefully* (especially if you are part of a Lodge with significant
>> The bylaw would require you to *insert* language into your own bylaws.
>> National has always had the power to form or dissolve Lodges, but this will
>> give them unquestioned control of assets (assets that in most cases *they*
>> didn't raise). (I am aware that you have looked deeply into the legalities
>> surrounding Lodge property & ownership ... I suspect we may well agree
>> the potential ramifications of the proposed bylaws (-:). -JRC
>Yes, we do; this is EXTREMELY serious. While I see no new langauge making it
>easier to dissolve a Lodge, it is clear that the language about requiring the
>assets to be used locally has been removed. New York is having a Board
>tonight, and I will also see to it that John Sellon (the primary donor to our
>Lodge) is also informed, in case he has not been.
>    Bart Lidofsky

Please keep us informed. This is a very serious matter and in the long run
can have very severe "political" ramifications which can bring IRS into
action as well.

Say I donate a million dollars worth of assets in San Antonio with hope
that it will help disseminate Theosophy in San Antonio and its vicinity and
the charter of San Antonio Lodge is cancelled for reasons best known only
to the Board of Directors of TSA and the assets go to the control of TSA,
which a couple of years later loses its charter and they the assets are
refused by TIT and then it goes into the control of TS Adyar. TS Adyar can
then convert all the assets into cash and put it in the bank at Adyar and
use it for Theosophical purposes. While from a philosophical point of view
it is acceptable, it may not be so from the Government's and donor's point
of view. My congressman when he finds out the details is not going to like
it and may want to find out what is going on. And this may start the ball
rolling. Who knows where it will lead to?


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