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ACT-L -- Ask the many members of ACT

Mar 27, 1998 12:55 PM
by John E Mead

hi -

Since many members of the TSA have already received
their first issue of the ACTivist,  I thought
it wise to post some info about ACT-L.

ACT-L  is a discussion list created for anyone
who wishes to find out more about The Association
of Concerned Theosophists (ACT).  This discussion list
is not moderated and is open to anyone. However,
please note that ACT-L is mostly concerned with current
issues and problems within The Theosophical Society in
America (TSA).

To subscribe, send an email message (leave the Subject
blank/empty if possible) to
containing the single line

Subscribe ACT-L Fristname Lastname

The many members of ACT will be happy to answer any
concerns, issues, or questions you have.

Also, the subscriber list is hidden in case some
people wish to remain unknown due to the sensitive
nature of the discussions.

peace -

john e. mead

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