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Charging for info on Internet

Mar 27, 1998 02:26 PM
by M K Ramadoss

In San Antonio which is the seventh largest city in the US there is just one
daily newspaper. It started an on line version of the paper which can be
accessed for a fee. This has been in operation almost a year.

This week, the newspaper abandoned the policy of charging for the online
version since they found out that it is very difficult to enroll paying
subscribers. I have seen many leading newspapers and magazines on line for
free. Even Associated Press is available for fee on Internet.

It looks like if anyone is trying to sell news and similar publication on
line for a fee, it is going to be very very difficult sell. I personally
think it is great that all this info is available without our having to
shell out hard earned money. Let the advertisers pay for all the costs.


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