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Re: Bylaws Change

Mar 27, 1998 07:36 AM
by M K Ramadoss

>John R. Crocker wrote:
>> How about the *current* slate of proposed bylaw changes. They are presented
>> as changes of wording rather than "substance". I showed them to two
>> attorneys I use for the non-profits I work for ... saying they are not
>> "substantive" is more than just a slight distortion, its an outright lie.
>> They are *significantly* substantive, *major* changes - the Wheaton
Board of
>> Directors will, at will, be able to dissolve any Lodge, sieze all of its
>> assets, and will not even be constrained to use them in the area in which
>> they were raised.-JRC
>      My wife reads our copy of Quest, and then files it away somewhere so I
>don't get to see it (or even find out it has arrived). In what issue are
>bylaw changes given? The New York Lodge's bylaws VERY specifically state that
>assetts have to remain in New York if the Lodge is dissolved. Also, you may
>recall that I have been lobbying to make it harder for National to dissolve a
>Lodge; if they have made it easier, then I will protest most vigorously.
>    Bart Lidofsky

In addition what JRC has stated, a very key issue which was *not* addressed
in the current bylaw changes is what happens if the National Charter is
cancelled by Adyar. Considering what has happened in various other
countries in the past, such a thing can happen in the US also.

In such an eventuality, all assets go into the Theosophical Investment
Trust. When that happens, the Trustees of this Trust are *not* answerable
to *anyone*.

The don't have to disclose anything to *anyone* about what is being done
with the assets. That was exactly what happened to the Krishnamurti Trusts
and when Krishnamurti wanted to know about the assets the Krishnamurti
Trust, the Trust refused to disclose any of the financial details or
wherabouts of funds. Then Krishnamurti and the Attorney General of
California had to sue the Trustees and after 18 years of litigation finally
the assets were transferred to the new Foundation he setup. This happened
when Krishnamurti was alive with a Trust which was set up specifically help
him travel and speak and broadcast his message. In the new Foundation as
well others around the world, Krishnamurti saw to it that it is *not*
Trustees could not self appoint themselves and the events cannot be
repeated in the future.

Even at the time of last TSA bylaws changes a couple of years ago (which
was introduced as "housekeeping") I did communicate these concerns in
writing to the National Board of Directors of TSA and the Trustees of TIT.
At that time I even requested a copy of the bylaws and to this day I am yet
to get a copy. The lack of response to address this serious issue as well
as secrecy Wheaton wants to maintain regarding the bylaws, one wonders what
it the long term game plan. By the way one of the veteran Trustees of
Krishnmurti Trusts which was sued by K and CA Attorney General is on the
Board of Directors of TSA as well as on the Theosophical Investment Trust.
One has to wonder what is going on?


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