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Re: The other list

Feb 26, 1998 06:57 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 08:39 PM 2/26/98 -0500, you wrote:
>> Dear Brother Ramadoss
>> I would like to hear from you more than  your 0.02. (Like a buck or two)
>We may all add to it and give Olcott some
>> really good ideas.
>> Martin
>Hello Dear Martin, just some days ago you proposed a subject to discuss
>in theos-span. I haven't get another digest besides mine (theos-span 54)
>You were the one talking on reviving the list!!
>Anyway, i send you more info. check the new theos-span!! now it has 2
>different subjects!!
>We spanish talking pepole need to dynamize the list.pepole sometimes are
>lazy and they just need a little puushover.
>P.S. Ramadoss, do you know spanish?? if do, you can may help us dynamize
>the spanish list.
Sorry, I do not know Spanish. How I wish I know Spanish.


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