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Re: Theos-World are politics bad?

Feb 26, 1998 04:58 PM
by Estrella

Eldon B Tucker wrote:

> Arguing over politics is, I think, a waste of our precious time, time
> that is much better spent learning and passing on what we can of the
> Wisdom Tradition.

> -- Eldon

Eldon, i am not sure of that point of yours. If we cannot see the world
with the eyes of a Kshattrya, or even the eyes of a Sudhra, we cannot
ever,ever, aspire to the Brahman state.
P.S. The majority of the leaders of the world now are in the Kshattrya
state. if we do not have the vision to orient that taught to
constructive views, and play the ostrich policy on politics, We are
generating bad karma for the inaction on a good deed. of course, if it
isn't our buisness, Why bother?
P.S.S. In the Alcione (Krishnamurti) book "at the feet of the master"
We have this statement "If you see a child or an animal beaten, defend
it" "If you see somebody breaking the laws of the place you leave,
defend the laws" "If someone asks you help, give it, and orient
pleasurly,and correct the person kindly. except those cases, practice
your work and the silence virtue"
Something like that.

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