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Re: Theos-World are politics bad?

Feb 26, 1998 07:26 PM
by JRC

> Eldon B Tucker wrote:
> > Arguing over politics is, I think, a waste of our precious time, time
> > that is much better spent learning and passing on what we can of the
> > Wisdom Tradition.
This would be true if one's personal path in a particular life is to sit
and study, and then talk to other people who sit and study. But the
"preciousness of time" is determined by what one is born to learn, to do,
and the service one was born to accomplish. One must be quite careful
about taking one's personal dharma and generalizing it into a universal
principle. And I might point out that while many students of the "Wisdom
Tradition" shun politics and seem to indicate that it is beneath them,
that it is a meaningless pursuit, apparently the *Masters* of that
tradition do not feel that way, as they give evidence in their writings of
a *strong* interest in politics, both of the TS and national and
international geopolitics.

Politics is the Art of Environment Creation - whether in an organization,
or in a nation - that art is what creates the ground upon which growth
happens ... it can enormously facilitate the spiritual growth and
development of those in (the organization or nation) or it can literally
stifle it. You have the *luxury* of studying and teaching the wisdom
tradition *because* of the politics of this nation ... try your pursuit in
Russia if you think politics is a waste of precious time.

For *you* studying and teaching a particular set of writings is apparently
what your path is this time around ... and such a thing provides valid
service in the larger tapestry of human civilization ... but there are an
infinite variety of equally valid, equally *spiritual* paths that have as
their expression and their end entirely different pursuits ... and for
many of them time spent sitting and studying may seem equally a "waste".
But it would seem as though a student of that Wisdom Tradition would be
precisely the person that *best* understood the necessity for a wide range
of experiences over the course of many lives ... would *best* understand
that larger picture. -JRC

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