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Re: Bing & Wood

Feb 22, 1998 06:44 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 07:29 PM 2/21/1998 -0500, Ken wrote:
>For another, retribution for arguing the
>path of theosophy and daring to buck the system is seen in the treatment
>of Bing and Rosie. They were thrown out of Wheaton for daring to go
>against the grain. SHAMEFUL that chapter !

This is should not surprise any newbees. It is a minor re-run of Ernest
Wood case. This is the Wood famous for his books on 7 Rays, Concentration,

When he ran for International President against George Arundale, who was
claimed to be the "Master's" choice and lost, he was marginalized.

He spent his last days in Houston and was ostracized by the "sheep" and
were supported by a few open minded and kind hearted novices and did not
know or care about the intricacies of politics.

Here was a man who worked for Theosophy in his early prime of life. As a
young man of early 20s went from England to Adyar at his *own* cost and
worked for two decades supporting himself with *his* *own* *money.* Later,
after Arundale's election as President he moved to the US and lived in the
US until his death in 1950s.

During the time he lived in the USA, TSA shunned him and did not use his
talents as a lecturer. They had other mediocre "approved" lecturers.
However, even today TPH around the world is profiting by publishing and
selling his books and I don't think they are paying any royalties to anyone.

Also anyone interested in the TS election politics and how the cross
membership in other "supposedly unrelated" "spiritual" organizations are
used, should read his very very rare book "Is This Theosophy?" which you
will very rarely find in any libraries of branches and study centers, much
less available for loan from anywhere.

There is a lot of baggage (much not pretty) to take care of. It is like the
"Prabadha Karma" which each one of us have in our account.

my 0.02


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