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Re: Theos-World Excommunication of TS in Canada

Feb 22, 1998 07:12 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 09:44 PM 2/22/98 -0500, you wrote:
>On the subject of T.S. in Canada being excommunicated in 1991, there has
been much speculation, but the real story has yet to be told.
>Joy Mills was present at the Meeting of the General Council which voted to
excommunicate T.S. in Canada. Perhaps she could supply more information.
The question of changes to the By-Laws of T.S. in Canada was a minor
technicality which was used against Canadian Section, and which could have
been discussed but no attempt was ever made to do so.  There is more to
this excommunication than has been stated to date, (which the international
organization noted as a ‘dissociation’ on the part of T.S. in Canada).
Adyar likely had other reasons for wanting to expel Canadian Section.
Following HPB’s death there have been two factions in the theosophical
movement, those who followed Besant and those who followed WQ Judge.  The
answer perhaps lies in the promotion of one over the other.  Since the
1920's there have been two theosophical organizations in Canada: Canadian
Federation and T.S. in Canada.  It was mentioned that Canada was split into
a french section and an english section; t!
>his is not necessarily true.  Both Canadian Section and Canadian
Federation have had lodges in Quebec -- language was not the issue.
>Jerry Hejia-Ekins’ observations and synopsis are correct, and Ramadoss
puts forth some very good questions.  What was the real reason Adyar threw
Canadian Section out? What was it about TS in Canada that led Adyar to
sever all connections?  It was no secret that Canadian Section was the
‘grit in the oyster’ that caused irritation.  Adyar has a history of
spewing out organizations that don’t conform.  This attitude has been
prevalent since the days of Olcott when he wanted to rule with an iron fist
(via official notices, etc.) and the ongoing differences between himself
and  Judge.  There appears to have always been a greater concern with the
survival of the organization than the Teachings as presented by HPB.

MKR writes:

Thanks for the information. It would be nice if we can find out the "real"
reason for disassociation. On the other hand, one may want find out more
info about Denmark, Yugoslavia and other countries where there have been
problems, some leading to cancellation of charter others not. An analysis
of the fact may give us an idea of the "real" underlying issue(s) that may
be common to all these countries and none of the TS leaders are willing to
speak up.

You are right about the technicality issue. Sometime ago someone mentioned
that in France they do not fully comply with all the rules. But no one
dares to take action because the French have a leverage via Le Droit Humain
connection and can respond in kind.

Historians will find all of this interesting.

My 0.02


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