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Re: Fee for TS Programs -- Miami Example

Feb 22, 1998 05:34 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 07:29 PM 2/21/1998 -0500, Ken wrote:
>I related our effort, the movie night, attended by a number of people,
>congregating in  a voluntary manner, and giving contributions. They were
>not and no one is ever asked to pay a fee for any program presented by
>the TS Deerfield.

In this day and age, when everyone wants to charge a fee or suggested
donation etc., it is very refreshing to see Deerfield policy and may be
others may consider following it. One well known and well respected member
once said TS from day one given everything for free and that is how the
organization was built. When the right kind of work is done, finances will
never be a problem. I am yet to see any Theosophical activities in
branches/lodges and study centers where the activity was hampered for lack
of funds. Of course my views may be some what different in that I have
attended lectures of several International Presidents of TS and other well
known speakers without paying a penny as a fee or a suggested donation. I
used to wonder when our own lodge sets up a program by a IMHO very mediocre
speaker and wants every member to pay a fee.

My 0.02.


PS: I am sure there are other branches and study centers which provides
programs to the members and public without a fee.

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