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Re: Miami

Feb 21, 1998 10:43 AM
by JRC

>Sometimes the "rock is bigger than both of us", Doss.  When I piped in with
>the idea of increasing communication, I received expressions of irritation
>from various people.  After reviewing various posts, I came to the
>conclusion that one side would settle for no less than the fall of the
>people in power, and that the other side either would not negotiate with
>hostility or could not be bothered.  The only two affirmation I received
>was Doss' contribution to the idea and Bart's willingness to suggest
>contacts.  The result of their affirmation was ridicule to them.  Thus is
>the dynamics of the total body.

Perhaps, Thoa ... had you tried unsuccessfully for quite some to "increase
communication" and wound up with head bloodied from beating it against a
brick wall ... you might understand why not everyone was instantly in love
with the idea of trying again. It you think Doss and Bart were ridiculed ...
then talk to Bing Escudero, talk to Paul Johnson ... talk to some members of
the Boston Lodge -talk to people that have had outright institutional
*campaigns* orchestrated against them by people using the full resources of
the Theosophical Society to forward their own agendas. I welcome your
attempt to try to open communication ... and you have the same optimistic
attitude many of those you see expressing apparent negativity also had at
one time. I wish you luck.

But I'm not going to sit and meditate when I see the TS being destroyed.

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