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Feb 21, 1998 10:58 AM
by Thoa Tran

>The fundamental question is how do we restore the trust and credibility.
>Usually restoration is a long drawn out process and I hope we can all put
>our heads together and see what can be done.  Any ideas from anyone is
>welcome. Please provide feed back here!

Sometimes the "rock is bigger than both of us", Doss.  When I piped in with
the idea of increasing communication, I received expressions of irritation
from various people.  After reviewing various posts, I came to the
conclusion that one side would settle for no less than the fall of the
people in power, and that the other side either would not negotiate with
hostility or could not be bothered.  The only two affirmation I received
was Doss' contribution to the idea and Bart's willingness to suggest
contacts.  The result of their affirmation was ridicule to them.  Thus is
the dynamics of the total body.

Two bases of eastern teaching are to be in the present moment and to
develop compassion.  Meditation was designed to promote that present
moment, and hence increase compassion.  For all of the theosophical
inclusion of eastern teaching, some recent communication contained lots of
past hurt and suspicion, far more than the post that s/he was responding to
warranted.  The anger was so great that compassion for the "adversary" was
not followed.

But, hey, let's not worry about this.  Let's sit and meditate that the war
with Iraq will not happen.  Let's use that mysterious mind power to
influence the prevention of WWIII.  It's a whole lot easier to do that.

Thoa :o)

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