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Re: THEOS-L digest 1433

Feb 21, 1998 09:32 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Feb 21        Dallas offers:

Is it not correct that we are interested primarily in finding out
what Theosophy has to say, teach or recommend ?  If so let us
devote time to study and the exchange of what we find of value in
our individual work.

Why concern ourselves with the problems that others have
created -- I mean the "politics" in the T S or other
"Theosophical" bodies ?

Those were started so that students could get together and
compare their efforts.

What does it matter if there is an attempt at misrule or good
rule ?  It does matter of course that the name Theosophical
Society may no longer strictly embody the 3 Objects.
[ Is that why there are hints that they ought to be changed ? ]

Let us, those who are truly interested in THEOSOPHY focus on
assimilating its main tenets, and then making our own
applications in "daily life."  The rest will take care of itself.

I have done a lot of patient listening, reading, researching, and
you who contribute have no doubt done yours.  But why not look to
the future and say we hope that THEOSOPHY will be carried forward
by our efforts.

It is virtually impossible for the T S as it is at present to
make vast changes, or to reverse its course unless the membership
in its.  If there are decreasing numbers, then may it not be due
to a lack of sympathy in those "politics ?"  May it not be due to
a deep disappointment
in the trend of this "exoteric" body ?  I know nothing of the
"esoteric" body in the T S  or existing through the T S.  And if
the outward exoteric body squabbles, I can only imagine that the
"inner" --- well I'll leave those who are there to determine how
to characterize it.

Suffice it to say, HPB's articles concerning the administration
of the T S are clear.  There is to be no "fighting, back-biting,
gossip, disunity."  Individual members have to do what they can
to make such changes as may be necessary and they do not need
"outside" distractions.  They know, ass do all else what
THEOSOPHY means and recommends.  They have to do their own
"house-cleaning," if such is needed.

Let us get back to discussing Theosophy and its uses and values.

This is of course entirely my own opinion in the matter.



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>Date: Friday, February 20, 1998 6:20 PM
>Subject: THEOS-L digest 1433
>From: M K Ramadoss <>
>Subject: Re: Secret Doctrine Symosium
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Here is an update I am posting on theos-l, ti-l and theos-news and
theos-talk for info.


At 05:05 PM 2/21/1998 -0500, you wrote:
>Just a note to let you know that information on the Secret Doctrine
>Symposium is in the process of being updated and posted on the website.
>Proposals for papers were due Jan. 31.  A number of them were received and
>are being reviewed.  Some others are anticipated but not yet received, and
>some space on the program remains open for individuals still interested in
>participating as presenters.
>Some information is provided for those interested in making reservations.
>Also, some of the authors are listed, although exact titles, program
>schedule, etc., has yet to be finalized.  Some of the authors expected at
>this time are: Ken Small, Richard Brooks, David Reigle, Anthony Lysy, Anne
>Redlich, Russell Nelson, Richard Robb, W. Doss McDavid, and Dr. Gorbunov
>Yuri from the Ukraine.  Other papers from around the world have been
>mentioned but are not yet confirmed.  It is possible that some papers may
>be submitted by authors not able to attend, and readers may be designated
>if appropriate.
>Arden Strycker, Secretary
>Midwest Federation

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