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Re: An idea

Feb 21, 1998 08:21 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

JRC wrote:

> >    The most insidious kind of lie is the one which is 10% innocent truth;
> >when one attacks the lie, the attacker can stick by the true part, implying
> >that if part of the lie is correct, then the rest must be as well. And if
> >the victim ignores the lie, then the victim is tacitly admitting to it.
>     Yes! For instance, "The bylaw changes are really only housekeeping
> changes".

    When I was first informed about them, I was told that they were serious and
important changes, with detailed reasons behind them. However, I have been
reminded that I was told, not by National Headquarters, but by John Sellon,
since after the death of Emily Sellon I became the de facto administrator of the
New York Lodge's by-laws.

>     Or perhaps because you defend a group of people as being good and kind
> and well-intentioned, on a list containing a number of people who have very
> personal experience of considerably different behaviour.

    Or, with people who automatically conclude that if John Algeo says, "Have a
nice day", that he is trying to steal everybody's right to have a lousy day, I
am merely trying to point out that there are other possibilities. As Paul
Johnson has pointed out, I can be and have been convinced in specific instances,
when presented with real evidence.

    Bart Lidofsky

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