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Re: An idea

Feb 17, 1998 10:23 AM
by JRC

>    Case in point. JRC creates a massive missive, which would require my
>spending hours of research on a point-by-point rebuttal, which will
>nobody here, I can ignore it, and be what he accuses Wheaton of, or I can
>acknowledge receipt, and say that I do not agree, which saves everybody
>    I  do not agree.

Wheaton and its supporters can accuse everyone that critisizes them as rumor
mongerers, imply that wanting them to simply answer their mail is the same
thing as wanting them to call 4000 people ... and whenever empirical
evidence like a massive drop in membership is mentioned, "save everyone
time" by avoiding the topic. If want to continually defend Wheaton, and then
drop the whole conversation when things get uncomfortable, then you're right
.. it *is* a case in point.

It would be nice if your disagreement persuaded people to stop leaving the
TS, but it seems that something more may perhaps be necessary. -JRC

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