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One more idea

Feb 17, 1998 11:13 AM
by Thoa Tran

Doss, that's a terrific idea.  The practical aspect is great.  We could
also combine it with some statements on the idealism of Brotherhood,
communication, etc.  Isn't that why we are theosophists?  All that with
lots of signatures should make it a powerful document, indeed.  With the
advent of the internet, there were many instances where chain letters were
responsible for change.

Thoa :o)

>Here is one more idea to encourage the TSA National President and members of
>the Board of Directors to get actively involved in the Theosophy maillists
>and Newsgroup so that Thesophy and Humanity can be served.
>One or more of us could draft a letter focusing on the immense opportunity
>that these channels are providing for communication with members and others
>interested in Theosophy. Also should be addressed is the issue of bringing
>them up to speed what maillists and newsgroup are and how they function and
>how they have worldwide coverage at no cost to the person participating in
>them. It is very difficult for anyone to visualize the maillists and
>newsgroups until and unless one gets involved in person and even then it
>takes time to learn how to best use these free resources. I am speaking from
>personal knowledge. In spite of my long involvement in computers, until I
>got myself Internet connection and started participating in the maillists
>and newsgroups, I did not get a first hand appreciation of the immense power
>and potential of these tools.
>Once the draft letter is finalized, it can be sent to the National President
>and each member of the Board of Directors with a request to the National
>President to do two things. (1) Include it in the Agenda of the upcoming
>meeting of the Board of Directors and (2) Suggest that in the next annual
>meeting to have a town hall meeting type of discussion on the Internet and
>maillists and newsgroups and how they can be used as communication tools.
>When the above letter is sent, I recommend that it be sent to the National
>President by First Class Mail, e-mail and Fax. The reason for sending it
>through multiple channels is to make sure that the communication positively
>and quickly reaches him. Also after a couple of days, a followup fax is
>advisable to inform that if the document has not reached asking to be
>contacted so that the document can be re-faxed. As for the rest of the
>members of the Board of Directors, the document should also concurrently be
>sent by First Class Mail. This speeds up communication and allows time for
>the Board members to be aware of the issues and think it over a period of
>time before the actual Board meeting takes place.  The multiple modes of
>communication recommended above, I have found to be fool proof over a period
>of time in almost everyone of my communications with the National President
>and that is why I am recommending it. I believe that on very important
>matters such as the one we are considering we should not take any chances of
>the letters being lost in transit, misplaced etc.
>My 0.02.

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