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Mi poor country.... (The bad kshattryas taking over)

Jan 28, 1998 05:00 PM
by Estela LariosLuna

Hi, i know, it's been a while since i don't post here....
In the southeast of my country, in Chiapas,Mexico, There has been a
savage masacre. i don't know if you folks read the news, but it is been
applied a countraguerrilla war (Low intensity war, like the ones in
South and Central America) in the poor southern state.
The savage masacre that filled the glass was the killing of 45 women,
children and elderly pepole, almost no men, inocent pepole that were
praying for peace.
The Chiapas issue is very complicated, because, as the old low intensity
wars in the 80's, it involves political, economical, religious,and
philosophical factors, even ways of taught (The common prejudice of
whites and ladinos (Mestizos,common pepole) toward the ancient culture
of native pepole.
It is like if the white race wanted to take revenge of the pain suffered
in ancient times, that noone remembers, by ways of making the last drop
of blood drop from the ancients third and fourth races (Remember the
violation to the jamaica citizen in US with a toilet bowl pump)
like Jamiroquai (A fabulous musical group) said in a video:
When are we going to learn??
In the matters of occult and theosophical understanding, at the same
time that we try to understand the real root of the matter (The begining
of the evolution of the taught -as a friend of mine said- of the poor
indians) As probably Dallas or another will try to profundize on it, Let
us not be BLIND of the cruelty, and fight Willfuly against it, in the
ways we know, like Ramadoss would say it.
Thanks for your attention to this strong call of anxious rage....

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