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On Experimentation on Auras and more siddhi stuff

Jan 28, 1998 05:11 PM
by Estela LariosLuna

In the matter of Auras, i wanted to profundize on the subject. as i am a
neofite in Theosophical matters, i only have read in the subject what
Clara Cobb said at respect in her little book "The eternal wisdom of
All of what is mentioned (Very little) concordates with some notes that
i have done at respect with a subject that presumly has this faculty.
Also i have the suspitious that some siddhis=paranormal habilities
present themselves as groups ,packages, this is, that in a person that
has by ex. the hability of seeing auras, the hability of
clairvoyance=seeing the future, astral travel,etc.
Another thing :It can be possible that some habilities are ruled by some
side of the brain, and pepole, as they can use one side better than the
other, can have, for example,telepathy, telekinesis, ESP, but NOT aura
vision, for example.
Can someone here can tell me this more clearly??
P.S.Chuck,Thoa,I missed your jokes. is this thing that my mail is now in
hotmail and takes HOURS of reading this!!! (TOO SLOW)
Does someone know of some free e-mail compatible with pop-3?? that is,
that can be readible by the Netscape mail system??
A grand salute to all here by the way....

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