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Re: Wheaton?

Jan 28, 1998 05:56 AM
by M K Ramadoss

>On Wed, 28 Jan 1998, Drpsionic wrote:
>> I have never, ever believed the assertion that no one at HQ reads this
>> On the contrary, the indications I get is that it is followed almost
with the
>> fervor of Hillary Clinton getting some peculiar voyeuristic thrills at the
>> behavior of her husband.
>	Actually ... I'm also quite certain that the list is well
>monitored by the Wheaton leadership - and its almost ridiculous to think
>otherwise. Whether one agrees with their *ends* or not, their *means* are
>unashamedly political ... and they are there because they are relatively
>*good* at politics (or at least haven't had to face any significant
>challenge) ... and *no one* even partially succeeds at that game without
>monitoring places where opposition exists (and in fact usually trying to
>plant people and ideas in such forums).

That is very good news.

If the monitoring is true, what is very sad is that when more than a year
ago, there were some allegation against Adyar past/present president(s)
which were factually wrong, no one from the US leadership came to present
the real facts set the facts right.

I took upon myself to post a detailed msg on theos-l giving the facts. I
also printed a copy and sent it to the International President and in my
cover letter I did point out that *no* *one* but myself came to present the
facts. Later I got a thank you note from her. One person also volunteered
to try to print it and try to post it on the bulletin board at Wheaton. I
don't know what came out of it.

The bottom line is still simple. Are the maillists and newsgroup being used
by TS effectively? The answer is simply no. By not engaging in them the
great opportunity is being missed.

M K Ramadoss  -  There is no religion higher than Truth

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