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Re: Wheaton?

Jan 28, 1998 11:39 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

JRC wrote:

> A thought occured to me as I thought about the exchange between doss and
> Bart - doss saying Wheaton was remiss in never having spoken or explained
> itself on these lists, and Bart saying they probably didn't even look at
> the lists because of the extent of time it takes and the extent of the
> negativity aginst them.

    If it were mere negativity, then there probably would not be a problem.
But when it reaches a point where when someone at Wheaton says, "Have a nice
day", a dozen people are suddenly searching the statement with the assumption
that there is some sinister, evil intent behind it, then it is better to
ignore the criticism than it is to answer it. As I have said before, this
level of arbitrary negativity has been a lot less lately, but it still exists.
Let's take the current discussion on the evil, sinister, Esoteric Section
exercising its evil control over the TS. Work in the governing bodies of the
TS is hard and thankless, so one must have a certain kind of dedication to be
willing to take on that work. I would not be surprised if the type of person
who joins the ES is the type of person willing to take on this work, and in
fact believe that this is why there is such a high degree of overlap.

    Yet, if this is the case, then to even deny the charges being brought up
would be to, to a certain extent, give them credence. Therefore, it is better
to just ignore the charges than it is to answer them.

    Bart Lidofsky

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